Concrete Countertops in Blaine, MN

Blaine, Minnesota is a great location for Bergum Concrete & Masonry to install concrete countertops for homeowners in kitchens and bathrooms. Concrete is an extremely durable material. Sidewalks and roads are made from concrete, so why not make your kitchen or bathroom countertops from the same material? A material that will withstand, the wear and tear of daily kitchen life, including spillages, water, liquids, heat, cutting etc.

When homeowners envision a concrete countertop, sometimes they have the concept of it being a dull gray material that is synonymous with paving on roads, sidewalks or driveways. This is certainly not the case. The advantage of concrete over common hard surfaces other than durability, is that it can be cast into almost any shape or form and even have trinkets or other customize items embedded into the surface.

Stone chips and broken tile or glass are common additions to the surface, add in a colored tint, and the result is quite the contrary to the gray slab of concrete that you had envisioned. Styles, colors, shapes and designs are almost limitless with concrete. What’s more, because countertops are indoor projects they can be installed year round in Minnesota. No need to wait for summer or spring.

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Blaine, MN

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